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I Took A Dive And...


My name is Jenn. I'm a twenty-something gamer chick who's had a few hard knocks in life, but is ever hopeful that the future will be a bit brighter.

What do I do?
Currently not too much. I was in a car accident in 2007 that has left me in a whole mess of pain. I have learned a lot on how to manage that pain and hope I can return to work when I become a Canadian resident after continuing with treatment. In the meantime I spend my time with my husband.

What hobbies do I have?
I used to be an artist, but since the accident wrecked my arms I cannot draw like I want to. Instead, I found knitting to be a wonderful way to still be creative. :)

I wouldn't exactly call this a hobby but rather more of an interest, but I have been fascinated by lolita fashion since 2006. I began wearing it in 2007, but financial woes kept me from seriously doing so until 2013. :)

What are you like?
- I like to be funny and laugh when I can, because even a little giggle goes far to brighten my spirits when so much is going on. I don't care if I get lewd about my jokes, either! A laugh is a laugh!
- I tend to get ranty on occasion. Sometimes you just need to vent!
- As kind of hinted before, I'm a nerd! I absolutely love to play D&D and the like with my husband and his friends. I have no shame in admitting I love the nerdier joys in life! :P
- As different as my interests and hobbies are, I'm actually still working on my confidence when they come up in "commonplace" situations! The day I can wear lolita out in public and feel amazing no matter what peoples' reactions is the day I've conquered being confident!

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